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Review Policy

I will be removing this blog on november 1st 2015
All reviews will be posted on my tumblr page from now on.
I will still cross post on my goodreads page
And Twitter

Reading preferences:
Young Adult | Middle Grade | NA
(Contemporary, Fantasy, Psychological, Mystery, Mental Health)
NO Erotica 
In addition to my review I will post the book information contained on Goodreads 
(linked back to the Goodreads page)

Books are rated 1-5 Stars
If I'm in between ratings I usually round up, if I round down I will explain why. 

If I cannot accommodate a book at the moment, I will most likely offer author interview and guest post spots. I cannot read everything that comes my way so I will offer promotion of any kind to add as long as all material are sent to me after I confirm via email. Please take note that turn around of reviews (but not always the case) is 2-3 weeks.
All reviews I provide are personal, unbiased, and are not and cannot be influenced by the author or other reviews. Be aware that I do DNF books. Books that I am unable to finish: reason can be disclosed if requested by author/publisher. I cross post reviews on Goodreads and Twitter. If author wish to cross publish review in a different site (Amazon, etc), inform me ahead of time.
I prefer to receive a physical copy of the book(s) because I bring them with me everywhere. I do not have an e-reader and read e-ARCs on my laptop. If a physical ARC is not available I will still consider an electronic one on a case by case basis. 
I ensure full responsibility to ARCs/eARCs and physical books provided, either electronic or physical, and agree not to sell or distribute.
If you are interested in having your book reviewed, please feel free to contact me at ashley[@]ASHLEYANNEREADSTHINGS[.]com.

Updated: 8/5/2015

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