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Saturday, January 17, 2015

ARC Review: Paragon (Legacy Code #2) | Autumn Kalquist

Paragon (Legacy Code #2)
by Autumn Kalquist
Published November 30th 2014 
by Diapason Publishing

Goodreads Summary:
Tadeo Raines knows what they say about him. It’s all lies. 
But lies are better than the truth. 

He broke the rules once and swore he’d never do it again. Now traitors plot against the fleet, and he's tasked with hunting them down and stopping them. Permanently. 

Tadeo was born to command, born to lead the last remnants of humanity to a new Earth. He knows there’s a better world out there: Daylight at the end of humanity's long night. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to get the fleet there. Even if it means walking the line between loyalty and treason. And breaking the rules... Again.

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Thank you to Autumn for providing me with an eARC of this book for review. 

After such a heart wrenching ending to Legacy Code (see my review here) I was eager to get to read Paragon. 
I wanted to see where the story was going to go. 
Would the secrets Era discovered be told to the whole fleet?
So many questions!

The story was told through 3 different point of views, Tadeo, Zephyr, and another character which I won't name because it would be a spoiler. 

The opening of Paragon was hard to read. I wanted to hate Tadeo. He had the opportunity to save Era but he knew he would not be able to without sacrificing himself as well. So I understood and wanted to understand him. Throughout the entire book I had a love/hate relationship with him. He is completely loyal and that has to be admired. I guess...

Zephyr annoyed me at first when she came into the book. She was, of course, distraught after hearing about what happened with Era. I felt like she should have tried to do something more urgently. However, near the end of the book she did become badass, standing up for herself and her friend. I can't wait to see what happens with her in the next book and see what she does with the information Era left behind. 

The 3rd POV through in an interesting perspective to see what that character was going through while everything was happening on the Paragon. 

Full of questions, traitors galore, secrets & suspicions. 
You can't even trust your own family in this world! 

Can't wait for more Autumn! <3

Finished 1/3/2015

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