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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Book Blitz: Excerpt & Giveaway | Life in the No- Dating Zone | Patricia B. Tighe

Life In The No Dating Zone
Release Date: 12/02/14
Swoon Romance
Summary from Goodreads:
After surviving her parents' relationship drama when her older sister elopes, Claire Gardner vows not to date during high school. Now, three years later, Claire is thrust into new relationship drama--her two best friends have boyfriends. Which means Claire is spending more and more time alone. And she's more than a little peeved.

Enter Gray Langley. His year-long crush on Claire's friend Lindsey has made him desperate enough to ask Claire for help. Hesitant at first, Claire agrees--anything to get rid of Lindsey's current evil boyfriend. But as Claire and Gray plot together, an attraction develops, and now she must decide if being with Gray is worth the pain that will come from confronting her parents with the reasons for her vow.

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About the Author
I'm not the writer who's been writing for as long as she can remember. In fact, I didn't start writing fiction until I was almost thirty. But, I've always been a reader. Which, of course, is one of the basic requirements for being a writer. I've read everything from horse novels and spy thrillers to historical romance and fantasy sagas—and lots in between. There's something wondrous about picking up a book and entering a new world with new adventures. And I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

When I'm not reading, I hang out with my husband and two old dogs, plus my grown sons whenever I get the chance. In the fall I spend way too much time yelling at my TV while watching football. I'm also addicted to British TV shows. Top Gear, anyone?

Oh, yeah. And I write. Kissing books. Or at least books that include kissing. Hope you enjoy them!

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After lowering the TV’s volume, I sat at the table with the kids. But not even SpongeBob
could distract me. I fingered the green gem of my teardrop necklace—the one that supposedly represented the girls-first pact we’d made at the beginning of summer. We’d been making fun of girls who glommed all over their boyfriends, and vowed never to let boys interfere with our friendship.
We even bought matching teardrop necklaces to seal the pact. Mine was green, Lindsey’s was red, and Rose’s was blue. But I seemed to be the only one who wore hers every day.
Was this the way things were going to be all year? Rose and Lindsey ditching me for their boyfriends? Probably. I mean, I could understand Rose wanting to spend time with Sam. Their relationship was still new. But Lindsey had boyfriends all the time. And she’d always been pretty good about dividing her time equally between us and whoever she was dating. Guess not anymore.
As my dad liked to say, there were always options in any situation, you just had to figure out what they were. Right now, though, I could only think of one—find new friends.
Tears burned in my eyes. No. I was not going to cry. I started cleaning up the snack mess I’d left on the kitchen counter. I was mature, right? Ha. At the moment I felt like I was about ten years old. All I wanted was to get revenge somehow, to make them sorry for leaving me out. I banged the small cutting board into the sink, turned on the water and scrubbed.
The kids laughed.
Get yourself together, Claire. I took the kids’ plates to the dishwasher. No. There’d be no revenge in my future. I was way too grown-up for that. But maybe … maybe I wasn’t too mature to shake things up a little. Before I could change my mind, I dried my hands. Then pulled out my phone to text Gray.


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